Monthly Archives: November 2013

Non-Binary Problems

I’m agender – I think that’s probably the best way to some it up, but genderqueer is fine, and to be honest I’m happy not to use any label other than to say I’m not ‘male’ or ‘female’. My preferred pronouns are neutral although both male and/or female do not particularly bother me either. I […]

NUS Conference Criticisms

At the University of Leicester, it’s NUS Conference election time. I have a number of concerns about the delegate elections which I am going to outline here.  Sabbatical officers running as candidates I find this extremely problematic. Firstly, are sabs not trained anyway to do their roles? If someone could give me more details about […]

The Mufti Ismail Menk Question (University of Leicester)

Many of you have probably heard about the controversial Islamic cleric Mufti Ismail Menk’s proposed tour of certain British universities. I am a student at the University of Leicester, one such university where our Union’s Islamic Society had invited him to give a lecture called “Young and Responsible”, I suppose about the responsibilities of young […]

ATOS Alarm Bells

ATOS, the company who deal with the medical assessments that some claimants of disability benefits have to undergo, have been setting off alarm bells for years. It is frankly incomprehensible to me how this failure of an organisation can still be defended by political parties and entrusted with such an important, sensitive job when it […]