Monthly Archives: December 2013

Shelter/Rescue Centre Vs Pet Store

If you’re thinking of buying a pet, please do so from a rescue centre wherever possible. Probably the vast majority of animals that are bred to be pets (particularly rodents and other small animals like reptiles and rabbits) are done so in horrifying conditions. There’s a really informative webpage on it if you Google ‘rat […]

Things That Can Maybe Possibly Sometimes Help Your Depression

This was inspired by a friend’s Facebook status… I have chronic depression, it’s no secret. All I’m going to do here is list a bunch of things that I’ve found help me when I’m struggling. You’ve probably tried some of them already and maybe some won’t be successful for you but still there’s always the […]

Radical Isn’t a Dirty Word

One thing that has caught my eye, to some amusement, is the use of the word ‘moderate’ by a load of the Labour students running in the most recent elections. Vote for me, I’m moderate! Don’t bother commenting on me picking on Labour students waa waa because nobody else has been doing it except them. […]