Monthly Archives: April 2014

UKIP and the Disabled

There are a million and one reasons why not to vote UKIP. I’ve tried to keep this as relevant as possible to the issue of disability.  Tax: UKIP propose a flat rate of tax to replace separate income-related income tax and national insurance. This is regressive taxation and therefore will hit the poorest of society […]

What Not To Say To Someone With Mental Health Problems

I’ve had people say lots of things to me that were hurtful, distressing, or just plain uncomfortable. Many of the comments were not with bad intentions just lack of information so this is supposed to be a general guide. However of course I can only really speak for myself. Please remember though that if someone […]

A Brief Guide to Changing Your Name in England

This is something I’ve researched extensively over the last few months so whilst there’s nothing that I can really do to prove my authority on the subject, I’m just gonna promise I know what I’m talking about. I’m currently going through the process, and I’m a Law student too so I’m good at researching these […]


I used to do medication reviews sometimes on an old blog. I think I’m going to reproduce that here as I thought it might be useful for some people. Obviously though always speak to GP and/or pharmacist first and consult actual sources of info like the patient information leaflets in the box rather than relying […]

Awesome Muslim Initiatives in the UK

As promised, here is a quick link-fest of awesome Muslim initiatives: The Safra Project. A UK organisation (mainly London-based) which supports LGBT Muslim women through counselling, creating safe social meetings, research projects to try and influence religious policy as well as providing resources for those wanting to learn more about lesbianism in Islam. The Inclusive Mosque Initiative. […]

Facts Which Muslim Communities Don’t Want to Accept

From my own personal experience I observed a number of ‘myths’ amongst Muslim communities. I feel that the inability to face up to these issues weakens communities as well as holding back societal integration and inter-faith dialogue. I can speak for nobody but my own experiences and I’m not trying to paint all Muslims with […]

Mental Health Service Problems

Here is a list of just some of the many problems I’ve experienced using (NHS and council led-social care) mental health services: 1. Astronomical waiting lists. I don’t know if you can use that adjective in that phrase but I’m sure regardless everyone will understand the meaning I’m trying to convey! Some examples: The first […]