I used to do medication reviews sometimes on an old blog. I think I’m going to reproduce that here as I thought it might be useful for some people. Obviously though always speak to GP and/or pharmacist first and consult actual sources of info like the patient information leaflets in the box rather than relying on personal blog experiences blah blah blah.

In my experience, here is a round up of stuff that works for me and stuff that doesn’t:

My good drugs:

– Loestrin to regulate my menstrual cycle and stop having ridiculously heavy periods. It also seems to slightly and slowly improve my acne.

– Depo-Provera injection every 3 months for menhorragia (heavy periods). Obviously not at the same time as Loestrin.

– Omeprazole for acid reflux.

– Hyoscine Butylbromide for IBS. (Available OTC under the brand name ‘Buscopan’).

– Citalopram for major depression.

– Venlafaxine, also for major depression.

– Diazepam for moderate – severe anxiety and to recover quicker from panic attacks, also for insomnia. Or temazepam but it’s stronger and more addictive so prefer diazepam.

– Loperamide for when my IBS is giving me pretty bad diarrhea. (Available OTC under various brand names such as Diah-Limit or as a generic.)

– Bisacodyl for constipation, usually caused either by my IBS or by my current antidepressant (Venlafaxine).

– Ibuprofen with codeine for migraines or really bad headaches. (Available OTC under the brand name Nurofen+ or as a generic.)

– Naproxen for moderate-severe back/neck pain.

– Ibuprofen gel or ibuprofen with menthol gels for mild-moderate knee or neck or back pain. (Available OTC as generics or under brand names like Nurofen.)

– Cetirizine or Loratadine for allergies/hay-fever/eczema. (Available OTC under brand names or as a generic).

– Stuff I find is good for eczema is a long list so: Mometasone Furoate (under brand name Elocon) for severe eczema. Hydrocortisone (under brand names like Dioderm in weak forms or as a generic in stronger forms) for mild-moderate eczema, this is available OTC in various strengths. Oilatum (brand name) as a shower oil or bath additive or as a shaving oil, again available OTC. My favourite cream emollient is Diprobase (brand name) which is available OTC. I also really like the Cetaphil creams, especially the facial moisturiser for my face. For my scalp I find any anti-dandruff shampoo to generally keep things under control – the active ingredient in these is zinc pyrithione. If my scalp gets particularly aggravated then I use Oilatum (brand name) shampoo which is available OTC – if it persists really badly then I use Polytar (brand name), again available OTC.

– Oxytetracycline for acne.

– Lymecyline for acne (brand name Tetralysal).

– Benzol peroxide gel for acne.

– Driclor antiperspirant for hyperhidrosis (excessive perspiration) which unfortunately is a side-effect of Venlafaxine.


My bad drugs:

– Diphenhydramine (available OTC as Nytol) as a sleep-aid. Doesn’t work for me unless I take significantly more than you’re meant to (DO NOT DO THIS) – then I get obstructive side-effects from this drug as well as because of the way it interacts with other drugs that I take. However it works for my partner great I have to say.

– Lansoprazole for acid reflux – had no effect on me. Pantoprazole for acid reflux did, but only at very high doses so wasn’t preferred option.

– Mebeverine for IBS, had no effect on me.

– Ibuprofen for migraines/bad headaches. I have to take the maximum dose for it to be effective on its own which gives me acid reflux problems so not preferred.

– Amitriptyline for insomnia. Works, but get the worst hangover type side effect for half the day after it! Awful drug in my opinion. Just my opinion though.

– Propranolol for panic disorder and/or moderate – severe anxiety. Not effective enough in recommended doses and particularly problematic for me as generally I suffer from low blood pressure.

– Paracetamol for headaches. Does absolutely nothing for me in that regard whatsoever.

– Citalopram for anxiety/panic disorder. Has no effect on those things for me and increasing the dosage means more side effects. Also, it worked for my depression for around a year and a half but after that time it was not working anymore, even after increasing the dosage slowly to the maximum dose. So eventually I had to come off it and try a different antidepressant, which is a shame because when it did work initially it was very helpful.

– Oxytetracyline did not make any real difference to my current bout of acne unfortunately, which is a shame because it worked for me as a teenager.

– Duac facewash for acne – just gave me really bad eczema on my face and did not treat the acne successfully.

– Zineryt facial roll-on for acne – didn’t do anything at all for me basically.

Adapalene gel didn’t do anything for my acne.

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