Monthly Archives: June 2014

Disability Living Allowance Tribunal

I recently had my DLA tribunal in the East Midlands. I first applied for DLA in April 2013 and was rejected, rejected again after reconsideration, so lodged my appeal in early September and finally had the tribunal on Monday in June 2014 so it took about an entire year that whole process. I believe I should […]

Carer’s Week – Interview With My Partner

The title makes me think of ‘Interview With a Vampire’! I make no secret of the fact that I suffer from mental health problems. On top of this (or because of this, more likely) I don’t have a very strong immune system which makes me prone to catching pretty nasty colds/viruses/tummy bugs/etc as well as […]

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) Assessment – Capita

I had my PIP assessment yesterday with Capita in the East Midlands so I thought people might want to know what it was like. The lady from Capita arrived at my home for the assessment just before 9am when she was due. She introduced herself to me and my husband who was with me. We […]

Pole Progress

So I’ve finally mastered two pole spins that I’d been struggling with: Monkey, and Chair. I did both of them yesterday properly for the first time on both sides, yay! I also managed to perfect Sunwheel (also known as Attitude), and I can now do a couple of other spins that I couldn’t do before […]