Monthly Archives: July 2014

Pole Fitness Promotion

I’ve been doing pole fitness for a couple of months now and it’s super fun. Would encourage everyone to have a go and see if you enjoy it. Pretty much anyone can start, doesn’t matter if you’re super unfit, or overweight, male or female, certain disabilities or injuries can be worked around etc. It’s super. […]

Mini-Pupillage: Day 5

Day 5 – July 11th 2014 Boo hoo, this was my last day of the mini-pupillage. It started off with a lot of waiting around because there was a tribute going on in court for a barrister from the chambers that I was based at who had recently passed away. I waited in the advocate’s […]

Mini-Pupillage: Day Three

Day 2 – July 9th 2014 Mr. T was in Wales on a different case, so there was some waiting around in chambers trying to find someone else doing something mildly interesting that would let me shadow them. Eventually another barrister who we shall call Mr. W answered and said I could go down and […]

Mini-Pupillage: Day 2

Day 2: July 8th 2014 Mr T. had told me yesterday that I could come and meet him for coffee about 9.30am to talk about his career and working life etc to get more insight into his job and professional development and things. However yesterday at approximately 5.20pm he’d been given a case he had […]

Mini-Pupillage No.2: Day 1

I thought I would document the mini-pupillage I’m currently doing. A mini-pupillage is basically work experience for an aspiring barrister. I’ve done a three day one before at a chambers in Liverpool, and I’m doing a five day one now at a different chambers in Liverpool. I don’t think it would be appropriate to name […]