Pole Fitness Promotion

I’ve been doing pole fitness for a couple of months now and it’s super fun. Would encourage everyone to have a go and see if you enjoy it. Pretty much anyone can start, doesn’t matter if you’re super unfit, or overweight, male or female, certain disabilities or injuries can be worked around etc. It’s super.


– I’m super clumsy because of learning difficulties, but at a beginners level it really doesn’t involve too much co-ordination to be honest. You practice the same move over and over again so it sticks into your head. Much easier than team sports when there’s like a million different things going on at the same time and you bump into people or drop balls or whatever if you’re clumsy like me. 

– Can be individual or done in a group. Most studios will allow you to book private sessions with an instructor if you’d rather work entirely alone, and obviously they’ll have group sessions you can join to. Private sessions are good if you’re a complete beginner and you’re too anxious to join a group class, if there are particular moves you’re struggling with that you want to conquer, or if you want more intense training. They are obviously always more expensive than group classes though.

– Group classes are generally not too pricey. It varies depending on where you are/your studio. My studio charges £6 for an hour and a half drop-in group class which isn’t too bad.

– It is great overall fitness. The warm up and general pole fitness will have your heart pumping quicker and make you sweaty and tired and generally give you a nice little cardio workout.

– ^ The above is especially good if you’re overweight. If you keep it up it could help you lose weight (diet permitting!).

– It’s SUPER good for strength gains. I used to do a little strength training before I started, but pole gives you a crazy strength workout. As a beginner this will particularly be for your forearms, core, biceps, and triceps. I’ve got a lot stronger and you can physically see the difference it has made on my arms and chest in particular! We also sometimes do conditioning exercises for strength training as part of the classes which is great and most of that you can practice at home in-between classes so it’s really practical if you don’t have a gym membership/fancy equipment etc.

– It can help you become more flexible. After every class we do a stretch, and this can help you become more flexible. As with the above, you can easily practice the stretch exercises at home in between classes. I’ve always been super inflexible but now I’m actually not too bad. It is super hard work and I do stretch intensively at LEAST every other day but totally worth it.

– Exercise is proven to be good for your mental health. I have mental health problems and I find that the classes really lift my mood albeit momentarily what with the boost of endorphins. It also has become something I really enjoy and am passionate about so it helps fill my time when I’m at home too, practicing floor-work, conditioning, stretching, watching videos online or looking at new clothes I would like etc, haha. 

– It’s good for conversation. When I mention it to people as a hobby they are usually really interested (especially women!) and it’s nice to have something interesting to talk about.

– Can improve your confidence. I struggle with low self-esteem, particularly when it comes to physical exercise as like I said I’m really clumsy so I’ve always struggled with sports. However whenever I conquer a new move, even at my slow pace, it makes me feel proud and happy that I’ve accomplished something. It has also massively improved my body confidence in a very short space of time. It’s ok to turn up to your first few classes in long shorts/leggings (preferably ones that you can roll up above your knees though as you will need the inside of your knee to grip). However as time progresses you use other body parts to grip onto the pole and clothes just slide making every move a million times harder so you soon find yourself in shorter and shorter shorts, and then just sports bras too! At the moment I’m seeking out the perfect pair of tiny shorts or hotpants, haha. I’m currently making do with cycling shorts and then just rolling them right up to the tops of my thighs when I need that part for grip.

– Pole dancing moves are a great party trick. Lots of nightclubs have poles so if you learn a few moves and you feel bold after some drink you can have a quick show off!

– If you join a group or course, you will meet other like-minded people and could make some new friends! 

– If you are interested in the dance/erotic side of pole rather than just fitness and cool moves and fun spins like me, there’s a big scope for that too. You can put together nice looking pole dance routines with minimal pole knowledge if you have some dance background and it can be combined with sexy outfits, floorwork and even stripping. This could be well-received by your partner if you have one! On the other hand this could also provide job opportunities if that’s the kind of performing you enjoy.

I’ve probably missed stuff out but that’s all I can think of right now. So yeah, get poling!!


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