Beauty Essentials – Feet

I’m super bored these days and starting to slowly force myself into proper beauty regimes now that I’ve reached the grand old age of 20-going-on-21, so I thought I could blog about it. Today’s topic is feet because it’s a short one to get me started. Things you need for lovely feet (lol):

– Good nail clippers. Me and Josh share a pair (do most couples do that or have individual ones? I genuinely don’t know. I grew up in a family of five where we all shared the one pair). I think they were from Primark, but I can’t really remember. They’re big, and good. There’s no real way to know if nail clippers are any good until you buy them, but you can get good ones on the cheap (I suggest Bodycare in particular). Please don’t put up with shitty nail clippers. You don’t have to. Genuinely. :’)

– Good nail varnish (optional) if you want pretty coloured toes. Some of my fave nail-varnish brands are:

1. Miss Sporty (seriously. I would never have thought of it, but my sister has quite a few because they’re so cheap, and they’re really good!). I have a gorgeous blue from them that my sister gave me, and a weird kinda shiny turquoise-y colour which is unusual and pretty.

2. Barry M. They are the monarchs of nail varnish. I used to have a really nice green one that a friend bought me.

3. No.7 – this is Boot’s own brand, and it’s cheap and pretty good. I have a bunch of different colours my auntie bought me for Christmas last year including a gorgeous dark teal.

4. H&M nail varnish is super cheap and decent quality considering the price too. My go-to red polish is from there and I always get complimented on it when I wear it.

Anyway there’s a few. Back to my list…

– A pumice stone. Seriously, this is like, the cheapest way to get rid of horrible, dry, dead skin that tends to particularly build up on heels. Especially during summer because of wearing your sandals, and that’s always when you want them to look their best! Also, as I do pole and aerial hoop, I do both barefoot so being barefoot on the pole/hoop/studio floor affects the skin on my feet too. You can buy expensive electronic pedi devices to get rid of the dead skin but you don’t need to. My pumice stone was £1.99 from Morrison’s and I know they sell for the same price at Bodycare too. It’s great. If you don’t pumice your feet fairly regularly, you need to start now!

– And last but not least, a foot cream. I am using Heel Genius by Soap & Glory, a brand that is only stocked in Boots. It smells kind of strange (but fresh nonetheless), and is a little bit pricey (£5.50 for 120ml), but seriously works. Apply liberally to your feet, particularly any hard dry areas such as your heels before bed, then put bedsocks on and go to sleep. It really does the job of moisturizing your skin and I could genuinely see and feel the improvements in my feet after a few days of consecutive use. < that’s the one. I love Soap & Glory in general – their products are fab, and most importantly for me they don’t test on animals, and probably a majority of the products don’t have any animal-derived ingredients (Heel Genius being one of such products). 

That’s a wrap. Have happy feet!


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