Beauty Essentials – Hands

Things you need for nice hands:

1. Good nailclippers. I don’t even file my nails at all because I’m lazy, and I still get complimented on my nails sometimes, so don’t tell me you need to file to have nice hands. You don’t. My nail clippers are from Primark if I remember correctly, so they were super cheap, but they’re really good. I share them with my husband and we were both impressed when we got them. But then we both really hate long nails so we both keep ours very short.

2. (Optional) Funky nail varnishes. If you want. Because colour is cool. Mine actually aren’t painted at the moment. I used to do them allll the time but I’ve been particularly unwell at the moment so haven’t been doing them anymore.

3. Handcream. At the moment I’m using Hand Food by Soap & Glory. A friend bought it for me as a wedding present, and it’s lush. It’s not greasy at all, so it’s great for putting on when you’re at work or out and about if your skin is dry because of this cold weather. On the flip side of that, you do have to use quite a lot if you want like a proper thorough moisturising say before bed or something.It contains shea butter, macademia oil, and marshmallow, so it smells lush too. You can buy it in little bottles that fit in your handbag as well so it’s really convenient. You can buy it from Boots. Oh and last but not least, it contains no animal ingredients (and obviously is not tested on animals). Woo, ethics!

And voila! Soft, pretty hands.

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