My Medication Routine

In case anyone is interested.

So the alarm on my dispenser goes off in the morning to wake me up and remind me to take them. It gives me:

20mg omeprazole (for acid reflux)

10mg hyoscine butylbromide (for IBS)

a multivitamin with iron tablet

250mg oxytetracyline X2 (for acne)

Then with my dinner I take 75mg venlafaxine (an XL release one) for depression

and then my dispenser goes off again in the evening to remind me to take:

another 20mg omeprazole

another 10mg hyoscine butylbromide

another 2 250mg oxytetracyline

Then I have PRN tablets (i.e. tablets I take as and when during the day depending on symptoms):

5mg diazepam for anxiety/panic attacks or 10mg for insomnia

more hyoscine butylbromide

200mg/12.8mg ibuprofen with codeine (for migraines)

and obviously if I get a cold or something then I take paracetamol and/or ibuprofen as needed

oh and cetirizine dunno the dose but the one a day tablets if i get an allergic reaction on my skin (as i have eczema) or for hayfever or too much eczema itching

i also have mometasone furoate which is a strong steroid cream for eczema flare-ups, hydrocortisone (a weaker steroid cream for less severe flare-ups), diprobase (emollient for eczema which i am supposed to use all over my body at least twice a day but my upkeep of this is awful), oilatum bath oil (i use it for shaving because of eczema), oilatum shampoo (for eczema flareups on my scalp).

i also have heat patches, a hot water bottle a microwavable wheat bag for back and neck pain. and migraine kool n sooths for migraine pain.

and i use peppermint tea to treat IBS flare-ups too.

last but not least, im on the depo-provera injection every three months for menhorragia.

it is as tiring as it sounds!

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