My Facial Skin-Care Routine

So. My face. I have skin problems. A lot of skin problems. I have eczema, with really sensitive skin, and I also have the rare supernatural quality of managing to have acne at the same time. My face is best described as super sensitive, combination skin with patches of acne and patches of eczema. I work reasonably hard to protect it and nourish it. It’s not going super well. It’s really hard for me to find products that suit my skin because of its frankly bizarre personality disorder.

At the moment I am using The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash every night before bed, and most mornings too. I LOVE The Body Shop because they don’t test on animals and that is really important to me. Plus their products tend to smell divine, and they don’t usually give me a rash like a lot of other stuff does, I think because their ingredients tend to be more gentle than most other commerical brands. If you also love The Body Shop, definitely get a loyalty card. It is the best value loyalty card I have. You get free stuff every now and then. It’s awesome.

Anyways, the facial wash! It’s like a gel, so if you like super lathery stuff, it’s not for you because it does lather but not loads. Also I can never shut the cap. Even my partner struggles. It’s a flaw in the design of the tube. It smells ok, but not proper lush or anything. It doesn’t leave my skin burning, or give me a rash, or make my skin feel really dry and tight after I use it either, and a little goes a long way so I’m sure it will last ages, and it’s gentle enough to use twice a day. It’s specifically marketed at people with combination skin. Although the Tea Tree range would probably be recommended for me with acne, some other people say it is too harsh for their skin and use this instead. I found the Tea Tree facewash great but I just wanted a change to be honest.

seaweed face wash

After washing my face, I use The Body Shop’s Vitamin E Eye Cream. It’s £11 for a tiny tube, so not the cheapest thing in the world, but a little goes a long way so I don’t think it’s too unreasonable. The directions say to use it twice a day which I am doing. Sometimes I get a little bit of a burny feeling around the area after putting it on which I think tells me my skin in that area is not being looked after as it should. Although I am also getting some burning feeling in the corners of my eyes as a result of a prescription acne treatment I’m using too, so it could just be because of that. I am 21 and have noticeable deep wrinkles under my eyes, they’re normally a bit puffy, and I have dark circles which never leave. I feel that if I don’t start trying to give my eye area the attention it deserves this is going to seriously prematurely age me!

vitamin e eye cream

Last but not least, I apply a very small amount of the Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream after washing my face in the morning. I only use a tiny bit because, well, I have acne, so too much moisturiser = more spots, but I am pragmatic and put more on the dry areas. This is a nice consistency, but I’m not going to lie, it fucking stinks. I didn’t smell it in the shop. If I had I probably wouldn’t have bought it. It is absorbed very quickly so the smell doesn’t linger on your face (thank GOD) but you might want to avoid it if that’s important to you. Because it smells awful. Other than that I find it moisturizes enough to limit dryness but doesn’t contribute to me getting more acne if I use it sparingly once a day.

seaweed day creamI can’t really use it before bed after washing my face then because every other night I put a prescription cream called adapalene on my acne (branded as Differin in the UK). I’m not sure if this is helping my skin, but my partner thinks it is. It can take about 8 weeks before you can notice a difference apparently and I’ve only been on it for about four. However as I have eczema it gives me sore, red, dry patches on my face (a bit on my forehead, but mostly the corners of my eyes and around my lips), so I’ve stopped using it every night and I’m going to use it every other night instead. If you don’t have eczema but you do have acne, this could be a great treatment to try. There are lots of people online raving about how awesome it is, and it’s certainly much more gentle than treatments containing salicyclic acid like Duac (which gave me super bad eczema). I am also on 500mg per day of an antibiotic called oxytetracyline for my acne too. I’ve been on that a couple of months and my skin has not cleared up but equally I’ve definitely been getting less new spots than before I went on it. I was on this drug as a teenager when I had acne too and it really helped though it was a slow process and I was on it for at least a year.

Last but not least, I use A LOT of Vaseline (currently the Aloe Vera one) and Nivea Lip Butter (currently the original one) on my lips throughout the day and before bed, because I get super chapped lips especially in winter.

TA DA. Take care of your skin yo. You only get one! 😉

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