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The Disabled Vote Part 3 – The Labour Party Manifesto

So what do the Labour Party offer for disabled people in their manifesto? Well, the first thing to mention is that specifically have a mini-manifesto aimed at disabled people, and they are the only party to do that. It can be found here. It includes such promises as: – Ensuring all NHS staff have some […]

The Disabled Vote 2 – The Conservative Party Manifesto

This is part of a series looking at the different political parties’ 2015 General Election manifestos, specifically with regards to disabled people. This post is looking at the Conservative Party. Their manifesto includes: – Continuing with their long-term economic plan. This includes cutting the welfare budget by £12 billion – they do not specify exactly […]

The Disabled Vote – Green Party Manifesto

I thought I’d write a short series looking at different political party’s manifestos in the run up to the General Election, specifically with regards to ideas that would interest and affect disabled people. Obviously disabled people are like all other people and are impacted upon by everything that impacts everyone else, but we do have […]

Guilty Until Proven Innocent – My Quest To Get A Bus Pass

About two months ago, my support worker asked if I had a concessionary disabled person’s bus pass. I told her no, because I didn’t think I was entitled to one. She asked me some questions and ascertained that actually I probably was entitled to one if my GP agreed that I was medically unfit to […]

Conservative Cruelty

The Conservatives are promising £12 billion of cuts to the welfare budget over the next parliament should they be re-elected – although they won’t tell us what exactly those cuts would entail, aside from £2 billion raised from a freeze on working age benefits that Ian Duncan Smith deigned to tell us about in advance. […]