Monthly Archives: August 2015

More Things I Have Learned About France – Study Abroad/ERASMUS

So I have been in Lyon for nearly a week now. I am exhausted because my induction fortnight has a very full timetable, but I am already learning a lot and enjoying myself and have met some interesting people who seem very nice. Some more observations on life in France: The stereotype of French women […]

ERASMUS/Study Abroad – Settling In

It is day 3 of my YA in Lyon, France. Me and my partner have both had continous, painful headaches pretty much since we arrived, which was a real pain, and we’ve deduced that they were from caffeine withdrawl because when we drank Pepsi today with lunch they both stopped. We normally drink a lot […]

Daddy Issues

You may or may not have heard about the recent “swat attack” on one of the founders of Mumsnet, a website for, yes you guesed it, mums. What is a “swat attack”, you ask? I didn’t know what it was either until I read about this incident. Basically it’s when some really horrible, stupid person […]

Study Abroad: Packing

So, some of you may know already that I leave to study abroad through the ERASMUS scheme very soon. I am going to France, I’m not sure whether I want to disclose here whereabouts in France yet, so for now I will just say France. Woohoo. I should have started packing by now…but I hate […]