More Things I Have Learned About France – Study Abroad/ERASMUS

So I have been in Lyon for nearly a week now. I am exhausted because my induction fortnight has a very full timetable, but I am already learning a lot and enjoying myself and have met some interesting people who seem very nice.

Some more observations on life in France:

  • The stereotype of French women being more feminine/glamorous/fashionable than us is largely true in my experience thus far. Obviously not all French women are like that but I think more of them are than us lot back at home. Having said that, here the weather is beaming hot and when the weather is hot you are much more likely to wear a skirt, and pretty heeled sandals, and have your curves on show, etc etc, so that might be part of the reason why!
  • Lyon has good cycle paths, which I totally support, but a lot of the cyclists are insane and have no respect for pedestrians whatsoever. They routinely run through crossings/red lights when it’s on green for pedestrians and just expect that you will run out of the way quick enough/have vision that enables you to see round corners so as to miss speeding cyclists. It’s something I am having to factor in when crossing roads! Most of them don’t wear helmets either, though of course they don’t in the UK so…
  • The roads in England seem safer than here. I would say about 90% of road users back home respect traffic lights, zebra crossings etc, here I would say it is more like a third of road users don’t, again I have to be way more vigilant about traffic here.
  • Small French studio flats don’t routinely have ovens…how do they cook? I’ve been here one week and I’m already struggling :S
  • University classe here can start as earlyas 8am…which I first experienced this morning. It was horrible, but I do live 10 minutes walk from my campus, so I didn’t have to get up super early like the other people in my class. But still. It was STILL horrible.
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