Why is food so much more expensive in France than in the UK?

Can somebody please explain the reasons why food is more expensive in France than in the UK despite the fact that the pound is strong in comparison to the Euro at the moment? I am a bit concerned about money because I have a limited income and a ridiculously high rent bill, but food shopping here is costing us a LOT more than at home too. We have two supermarkets very local to us (both within 5 minutes walking distance), one is substantially cheaper than the other so we tend to shop there. It’s called Simply. Today we spent roundabout SIXTY EUROS on a short trip there and all we bought was: a packet of mixed grains, a packet of rice (bargain brand), tomato puree (bargain brand), two packs of veggie burgers, one microwaveable rice sachet (bargain brand), a fajita kit, an aerosol deoderant, a Head and Shoulders shampoo (due to eczema I unfortunately can’t compromise on this despite the price), toilet paper (bargain brand), a baguette of bread, a pack of 4 salmon fillets, a pack of two breaded fish fillets, a packet of madeleines (that were on offer), a packet of cashew nuts, a packet of plastic plates (bargain brand), a packet of microwaveable carrot slices. SIXTY EUROS.


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