UK vs France

Things that are better in France:

  • Cheese
  • Wine
  • Access to university study
  • Wine bars
  • Public transport
  • Access to sport/fitness at university
  • Landlords (in my limited experience of one…)
  • Pharmacies
  • GP appointments (don’t have to wait as long ’til you get one, and you can spend longer with the doctor)
  • Dog owners – many more dogs off-lead here walking very nicely, many more dogs out in general (they appear to be walked more often), hardly any overweight dogs
  • Knowledge of foreign languages, language classes, access to language learning, exposure to different languages and cultures etc
  • Weather
  • Availability of green spaces within cities
  • Cheap pizza from local fast food outlets
  • Criminal record checks
  • Life guards at public swimming pools
  • Fewer people are obese

Better in the UK:

  • Dog owners – most people actually pick up their dog poop. Nobody does in France…
  •  Lidl stores
  • The price of almost everything
  • The healthcare system in general as only the very poorest get free healthcare appts in France including hospital stays etc
  • Being vegetarian or vegan (much easier in the UK)
  • Support at university for disabled students/students with learning differences
  • Administration of every sort
  • Cider
  • Fish and chips
  • Availability of supplies for guinea pigs
  • The tax system for the lowest paid workers
  • Queuing
  • Squash – there is only ‘sirop’ in France, and it’s not nice
  • Tea
  • I am surprised to say this, but sexism seems more publicly acceptable in France than in the UK. I base this off sexist remarks made by teaching staff and other personnel (publicly) at my university, as well as viewing something incredibly sexist on a popular French television show
  • Far fewer people smoke
  • The pastoral and study support available to all students at universities (things like having a personal tutor, being able to contact lecturers and almost always receive a reply, pastoral members of staff etc)
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