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Aller au Restaurant 3 – Vocab – B1

Le service, est-il inclus/est-il compris? – Is the service included (in the bill)? Une carte de crédit – A credit card Inclure – to include Le note – the bill   Advertisements

Aller au Restaurant 2 – Vocabulaire – B1

Avez-vous fait votre choix? – Have you decided what you’re going to have? (i.e. are you ready to order yet?) Comment souhaitez-vous votre steak? – How would you like your steak? Saignant – rare à point – medium Bien cuit – well done Pommes de terre bouillies  – boiled potatoes Choux-fleurs – cauliflower (pl.) La carte des vins – Wine […]


I have achieved a number of things recently, things that might sound tiny and trivial for someone else, but things that are super big and important for me and I am proud of them! On Sunday I LEARNED TO SWIM. I actually learned to swim in primary school, although over the course of the four […]