I have achieved a number of things recently, things that might sound tiny and trivial for someone else, but things that are super big and important for me and I am proud of them!

On Sunday I LEARNED TO SWIM. I actually learned to swim in primary school, although over the course of the four years I could still only manage about 20 metres of swimming, lol. Until last summer however (not the one just gone, the one before) I had not been in a pool since I was 11. They say you can’t forget how to swim, but um, I did. I do have Asperger’s though which seriously affects my coordination/balance/proprioception/muscle memory, which I’m sure explains how a) it took me so long to learn to swim compared to other children, and b) I forgot how to swim. Anyways, over the last two months or so me and my partner have been visiting our local pool infrequently, and this Sunday I swam for about 5 metres without a float for the first time. I am so excited and can’t wait to go back this week and build on it and improve. I have always loved being in the water, it will feel so good when I can swim lengths of the pool!!

I got two exam marks back: 10 in Introduction au Droit Francais, and 14.5 in M√©thodologie Juridique. I’m not gonna lie, I thought those exams went very well and was expecting better marks, but I’m still very happy that I passed them both and therefore don’t have to resit them or anything!

Today I went up to a French classmate of mine and spoke to him. IN FRENCH. And the plan is to meet up and practice my French, and for him to practice his English considering he is doing a year abroad next year. I am so proud of myself because I was so anxious. It only took me 6 months to build up the courage like…-sigh-

Also, yesterday I went to pilates for the first time this semester. I have noticed my cardio fitness has improved since I last went because I didn’t get so tired/out of breath/sweaty as I used to. I put that down to going swimming because that is a great cardio workout for very unfit little me. On the minus side though, I have lost some muscle strength because I was really struggling with some of the movements more than I used to because my legs just wouldn’t push anymore. I’m hoping I will improve it again though with this and swimming. Today my abs are killingggg meeeee. Totally worth it.



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