Product Review: Collection Naturally Matt Foundation


FALSE ECONOMY. Do not recommend. At all. To anyone. Rubbish product! I thought I’d give it a go because it was so lovely and cheap. But nope, waste of time. Worn it three times and hate it so in the bin it goes!

Pros: Cheap.

Cons: Everything else!! It’s really hard to blend, it sticks in patches on your face and doesn’t rub in well. It’s very sheer so doesn’t really cover anything so kind of pointless in the first place. Weird yellowy tint to it as well which makes you look kind of ill. There’s not many shades to choose from either so it’s hard to find one that matches – I went for 1 which is porcelain but it was yellowy and weird. Gets stuck in any wrinkles you have which for a 22 year old is NOT a look I want (in this case my under-eye wrinkles). Goes all dry and patchy if you put concealer over the top of it. Not long-lasting, and although is marketed as being matt it made my oily skin even more oily which was gross and not good for my acne. Very disappointed!

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