Product Review: Boots Blotting Paper


I’ve meant to try blotting paper for years and I’ve just never gotten around to it until now. I’ve been using these for about a month or so and I’m loving them! I have really oily, sensitive skin and am currently battling a pretty bad bout of acne. I am finding these a helpful tool to absorb excess oil on my face in the middle of the day, I usually put them in my bag so then I can dab away the inevitable build-up of shine that develops on my acne-ridden face when I get a free moment.



  • Affordable – good value for money.
  • Do the job they’re supposed to – i.e. absorb excess oil. You can see it on the paper afterwards, it is weirdly satisfying.
  • They don’t irritate my sensitive skin, or make my acne any worse.
  • The small booklet makes them a handy size to fit in pockets or a handbag so you can touch up on the go.
  • You can use them over makeup without removing/ruining all of your handywork.

Cons: None. They’re great!

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