Well today it is my birthday although in less than an hour it will be over.

I got a lot more cards and presents than I was expecting. I think once I turned 16 things kind of cooled down on the card & present front, but this year they suddenly picked up again. I guess it’s because when you’re entering your late teens your extended family cool off a bit as you’re older and they don’t feel so obligated/interested lol but you’re also still living at home so you don’t really need anything or need any money. Whereas once I moved out the money and functional presents increased because people feel sorry for me/worry about me being poor lol. Also now that my brother and sister are both older and both work, they actually buy me presents which they put both thought and considerable funds into. Although this makes me feel bad as I’m the eldest and they both spend far more on me than I do on them, but they both live at home so have lots of money and disposable income and savings and I have none of those, so I know I shouldn’t feel bad really, I do what I can. Plus also since being in a long-term relationship and being accepted into my partner’s family, I have started getting some things from relatives on his side, which is always surprising because they have enough people to buy for and worry about, but always appreciated. I am lucky to have by and large a very lovely, very kind family of in-laws. For example I got a birthday card and cheque from my partner’s grandparents! How sweet?!

I am feeling quite old now that I have reached the grand age of 23 and still not even graduated from my undergrad. 18yr old self or 16yr old me would be flabbergasted if they could see into the future to see what I’m doing now. They would be super surprised that I’m still doing my undergrad but reassured that my mental health is doing so much better, and relieved that I finally have a diagnosis to explain myself better (Asperger’s!). They would also be super shocked that I am MARRIED. To a white, non-Muslim man. And that my parents accepted him into the family!! Life is nuts and full of surprises!!

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