Review: Superdrug Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers


So I used to use the Boots blotting papers which I did a review of awhile ago. I decided to try Superdrug’s version as a change because I like Superdrug more than Boots as a brand, principally because Boots have been caught out being major tax avoiders and then there was that fiasco about deliberately exploiting the NHS by making their pharmacists do as many health consultations as possible and then also the leaked information by pharmacists who work for Boots regarding them being very unhappy and being overworked etc. Therefore I’m not a keen promoter of Boots. Superdrug on the other hand are really leading the way in terms of crueltry free products, being registered by Cruelty Cree International – you’ll notice all of their own brand products have the ‘leaping bunny logo’ which means they have not been tested on animals. I support this endeavour wholeheartedly and I’m happy they take it so seriously.


And I’ve not heard any dirt about their dodgey tax practices or anything bad about them as an employer, though I’m not so naive as to know that it might just be a matter of time…Another positive thing about Superdrug over Boots is that they are generally cheaper. They have cheaper own-brand products and they also stock many cheaper ranges of make-up. I shop ‘on a budget’ so to speak so that’s another big reason I tend to favour Superdrug.
Anyway, on to my short and sweet review of their Deep Action Mattifying Shine Control Papers


  • Cheap, so good value for money – currently £2.69 for a pack, and Superdrug currently have a ‘buy one, get the second half price’ deal on their own brand products which is another treat.
  • Nice little pocket booklet to carry about with you.
  • Nice packaging.
  • Works pretty well – it definitely does ‘absorb excess oil’ and leave you with an ‘isntant matte finish’ as the packaging claims, and that’s why I bought them after all.



  • The papers don’t rip out too easily, I keep ripping them dodgey which is annoying. Granted this may not be a problem for people who don’t have Asperger’s and hence the related coordination difficulties.
  • The papers don’t feel as comfy/nice on your skin as the Boots ones. They are much thicker and feel sort of rougher against your skin, which isn’t very pleasant. It’s not awful or anything, just not as comfortable as Boots’ blotting papers.
  • They don’t absorb oil as quickly as the Boots’ blotting papers, and they also pick up more makeup than the Boots’ ones do.


Conclusion: A fair buy and as I bought two packets I will definitely use them all before I buy anything else as they do the job ok. But for a similar price you can get more comfy, more effective blotting papers from Boots. So as much as I tend to be a Superdrug fan, unfortunately in this scenario Boots has won it for me.

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